FOKUSSIBER.COM – Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, visited the Hindu religious community in Jakarta and inaugurated the Grha Sabha Adhitya in Rawamangun, East Jakarta for the Balinese Hindu community.

He also inaugurated the Gapura Little India at Pasar Baru for the Indian community in Jakarta.

On the occasion of inaugurating the Grha Sabha Adhitya, he also said goodbye to Parisada Hindu Dharma and Suka Duka Hindu Dharma, which oversees the Balinese Hindu community in Jakarta for their close work together for five years.

“For five years, we worked together in a bond of friendship. I say goodbye in the capacity of the Governor, but the friendship won’t be broken,” he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID’s press release, Monday (10/11).

He hoped that the presence of Grha Sabha Adhitya would provide benefits and produce tranquility, peace, and shade as part of the equality of worship for all Jakarta residents.

“Thus, the Hindu community in Jakarta will be able to carry out all their religious obligations well and live with the community calmly,” he added.

At the inauguration of the Little India Gapura, he began by telling the history of the Pasar Baru area where the area was built around the 1820s. At that time, the Dutch colonial government moved the center of government further south, then the Pasar Baru area grew and many of them from various regions lived in the area, including the Indian community.

“We know, in this place, the Indian community has a lot of economic activities. This is an area that reflects how rich Jakarta is as a home for all. This is where we feel the real Global City,” he explained, while being accompanied by PP Gema Sadhana Chairman, AS Kobalen.

With this Gapura, it was expected to make it easier for anyone who wants to experience Indian culture as well as feels the rich culture of Jakarta and can directly visit this Little India area.

“Hope this place will be a representation of the subculture that exists in Jakarta.”

“So, later on, anyone who wants to experience the nuances of India can come here, feel its uniqueness, and feel how rich this city is,” he stated.***